Frequently Asked Questions

What is chromium?

Chromium occurs as the natural ore chromite and is one of the 20 most abundant elements in the Earth's crust. Its name is derived from the Greek word 'chroma' meaning colour.

Are chromium chemicals different from chromium metal?

Yes, chromium metal is a blue-ish white, shiny material. When chrome ore is processed, it can be turned into various different chemicals in liquid, powder or granular form.

What chromium chemicals does Elementis Chromium manufacture?

Elementis Chromium manufactures a range of commodity and speciality chromium products. These include chromic acid, chromic oxide, sodium dichromate, chrome sulphate, chrome hydrate and sodium sulphate.

Where are chromium chemicals made?

We have two main manufacturing sites: Castle Hayne in North Carolina and Corpus Christi in Texas, both in the US. These plants produce all of our chromium chemicals products, with the exception of chrome sulfate.

Production of liquid chrome sulphate occurs at our three Leather Tanning Products (LTP) sites in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Amarillo, Texas and Dakota City, Nebraska. Situated in the heart of US cattle country, these locations are ideally placed to serve the American leather tanning industry.

What are chromium chemicals used for?

  • Chrome sulfate – used in tanning to produce high quality leathers for a wide range of end uses.
  • Chromic acid – used in metal and plastic coatings to produce a strong, tarnish-resistant, “chrome” finish for appliances, automobiles and many other applications. Also used as a wood preservative for marine pilings, telephone poles, landscape timbers and other industrial wood applications.
  • Chromic oxide – used as a pigment in paints, architectural coatings, plastics, roofing tiles and ceramic tiles. Also used in the construction of high temperature and abrasion resistant refractory brick for glass and fiberglass. And, used in production of super alloy metals for use in airplane and land-based turbines.
  • Sodium dichromate – used as a high temperature coating for automotive, appliance and industrial coils. And, used as pigment for industrial paints and road lines.
  • Chrome hydrate – used as a pigment in soaps, artist paints and cosmetics.
  • Sodium sulfate – used as an additive in making detergents, glass, paper and starch.

Does Elementis Chromium have a chrome plating business?

No, we sell our chromic acid product to other companies who chrome plate items.

Who owns Elementis Chromium?

Elementis Chromium is a division of Elementis plc, the international specialty chemicals group.