Our Health, Safety, & Environment Policy

Our health, safety and environment policy underpins all our activities

Elementis is committed to managing all its activities, throughout the world, so as to provide a high level of protection to the environment and to the health and safety of its employees, customers and neighbors.

Elementis complies with legal requirements and codes of practice in the countries where it operates as a minimum and supports the principles of the global chemical industry's Responsible Care program.

Relevant information about the activities which affect health, safety and the environment is made available to employees, customers, the public, regulatory bodies and other interested parties in an understandable form.

Appropriate policies and systems to manage health, safety and the environment are in operation in all businesses; they are formally reviewed on a regular basis.

Achievement of goals and continual improvement in health, safety and environmental standards are key measures of performance within Elementis. Employees receive training to ensure their understanding of, and competence in, all relevant health, safety and environmental matters and gain their commitment to the effective implementation of this policy.