Our commitment to HSE

The safety of our employees, the environment, the communities in which we operate, and the quality of our products are all top priorities for our organization.  Our goal is to maintain a world-class HSE program that continuously delivers excellence in HSE, while focusing on zero harm.

TogetherSAFE. Our pledge of safety and zero injuries

Safety is a core value at Elementis. It is a promise we make to ourselves, our families, and each other. It is our way of life. But safety is a shared responsibility – something we must work towards together to achieve. TogetherSAFE is an extension of the core values that guide us at Elementis. It pulls our commitment to safety and our team ethos into a culture of shared responsibility – and shared success.  We cannot achieve safety excellence without everyone’s individual support and commitment. Everyone plays a critical role in the success of our organization – in safety and beyond.  Our TogetherSAFE. pledge is a commitment that absolute safety and zero injuries is only achievable when we are all working together. Because none of us is truly safe, until all of us are safe. 

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Our Key HSE Programs
Stop work authority

All employees are responsible and authorized to stop any work that is unsafe or does not comply with our Life Saving Rules. There will be no repercussions for doing so.

Basic safety process

We have implemented a basic safety process at all sites and facilities. This process is designed to promote visible leadership, active communication, establish accountabilities, commitments, and employee involvement. Above all, we focus on continuously reducing risk and eliminating hazards.

Process safety management

As a chemical manufacturer, our HSE programs are risk-based and process safety-centric.  We’ve implemented process safety management requirements at all of our operating facilities, including those that don’t fall under OSHA’s PSM standard. We manage our HSE risks to a high standard, which is a core priority for our team.

Life Saving Rules
Authorised operators only seat belts must be worn
Fall protection required when working at heights
Know and comply with PPE requirements for every task
Obey driving laws and mobile phone use policy
Permit required for line breaking
Only qualified personnel can work on energized equipment
Obtain safe work permit and approved work plan
Permit required for lock out / tag out
Permit required for performing hot work
Permit required for confined space entry

TRIR chart

Measuring our progress

We continuously measure our Total Recordable Incident Rate. Through the implementation of several key HSE initiatives, we aim to create a strong safety awareness and reduce possible HSE risks.


Incident management and emergency response

Environmental incidents are classified by Elementis into Tiers according to severity, reported up the Management chain based on a reporting schedule, recorded and investigated using a Corporate incident database. Emphasis is also placed on reporting and investigating near misses so that action can be taken to reduce the potential for more serious consequences.

 emergency incident

Each manufacturing location has an Emergency Response Plan. Where required, certain US sites also have a SPCC (Spill Preventions Control and Countermeasures) Plan and/or SWPP (Stormwater Pollution Protection) Plan. Personnel are trained to clean up smaller spills and leaks (e.g. via HAZWOPER training in the USA). External providers are used where the extent of the spill or leak is beyond the competence or resources of the local teams.

In the unlikely event of a major environmental incident, Elementis has a comprehensive response and recovery plan for activating both Site Incident Command and Corporate Command Exercises are conducted regularly at site and corporate levels to maintain readiness to respond as required.

The safety of our products, to both people and the environment, is always a top priority.