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Our dedicated technology organization is focused on meeting your needs and understanding the trends impacting your markets. You can rely on our global network of expertise, resources and support to enhance your products and move your business ahead.

Recent Advances in Hydrophobically-Modified Alkali Swellable Thickener (HASE) to Replace Cellulosic Thickeners

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Distinctive Technologies
Personal Care

BENTONE HYDROCLAY™ series of natural clay-based rheology modifiers enable the creation of formulations that deliver innovative and elegant sensory experiences. Their uniqueness lies in their ability not only to thicken water, but also in the pleasant silky texture that they impart both during and after application.

Performance Specialties

With deep expertise in rheology, surface modification and formulation, we develop distinctive solutions and products to improve performance, achieve smoother production, and enhance sustainability credentials for customers across a range of industries.

Innovation In Action

In 2018, we were awarded a significant contract to supply our newly developed rheology modifier for a premium interior paint line. This was due in part to our expanded customer relationship through deeper product development partnerships, ongoing technical support, and consistent quality, service and delivery.

Natural, clean and green are very important trends for color cosmetics and skin care. But consumers also demand performance and a pleasant sensory experience as well. Our R&D team has developed unique organoclays and emulsifying gels that allow skin care and color cosmetic formulators to create new and inspiring textures and product concepts. In fact, we were recognized with a Gold Sensory Award from in-cosmetics Global.

Elementis has developed a strong portfolio of additives that are extremely effective in waterborne industrial coatings. We have seen an increase in interest in the use of waterborne coatings for industrial uses—especially in China where the market has seen a shift to lower environmental impact products.